Appraisal Connector™

What is the Appraisal Connector™?

The Appraisal Connector is an easy to use on-line system that helps educational organisations (Special Education, Primary, Intermediate, Middle, Secondary Schools, and Early Childhood Education) and their teachers develop into a Professional Learning Community.


The Appraisal Connector™ system will provide you with the following benefits…

  • A centralised on-line appraisal system – set up and administered by a trained administration manager within your organisation.
  • All appraisals are completed on-line with use of email prompts and reminders to promote completion and save time in chasing respondents.
  • The ability to have appraisals contributed to by leaders, principal’s, managers, teachers, parents – you choose!
  • Comprehensive appraisal reports which can be viewed on-line (HTML) or printed as required (PDF).
  • On-line briefcase of appraisals for principal’s/managers viewing at any time.
  • A consolidated organisation-wide report for principal’s/ managers – allowing them to observe a snapshot of their appraisal data. This will assist in identifying strengths and weaknesses, and also assist in professional development planning.
  • The data collected is for your organisation and is produced in a confidential manner, you choose when and who you share it with!


The Appraisal Connector™ system assists with comprehensive reviews identifying…

  • Prior professional development programmes.
  • Teacher strengths and weaknesses.
  • Future teacher developmental areas.
  • Where future professional development investment could be spent to optimise value for money.
  • Possible teaching strengths and weaknesses in teams, syndicates, departments and faculties.
  • Where to design differentiated professional development and learning programmes for groups of staff.
  • Where leadership can develop teachers in the ‘right areas at the right time’ to ensure teachers’ needs are met.


This new system also helps assess progress in areas such as…

  • The Arts and Crafts of the Classroom (The Big Four), which includes;
    1. Classroom/Environment Management
    2. Content Knowledge
    3. Instructional Practice
    4. Formative Assessment
  • How teachers are modelling the Key Competencies and contributing as a Professional Learning Community.
  • How each teacher is performing under the 12 new Teacher Criteria’s.
  • How your management team is performing.


For a full view of the features and benefits please download the Introduction Booklet

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