Leadership Reflector™

What is Leadership Reflector™?

Leadership Reflector™ is a simple online self-managing appraisal system designed for New Zealand leaders in Special Education, Primary, Intermediate, Middle, Secondary Schools, and Early Childhood Education.

Two years after launching InterLEAD Connector™ for teachers we added Leadership Reflector™ to our on-line stable of tools for leaders in schools and centres.

Leadership Reflector™ is an innovative and incredibly flexible leadership and management tool designed for busy leaders seeking to optimise their ability to influence people, organisational culture and student/child outcomes. Providing a cutting edge 21st century approach to leadership appraisal the Leadership Reflector™ is designed to honour Principals, Assistant, Associate and Deputy Principals, and Early Childhood Senior Managers as responsible, highly valued and trusted professional knowledge workers operating in wickedly complex workplace environments.

Offering an alternative to expensive (and sometimes unintentionally meddlesome) external leadership appraisal, Leadership Reflector™ allows you to obtain rich data on your leadership and management functions as and when you want.

We have versions available for:
Leadership Reflector™ for Principals
Leadership Reflector™ for Assistant, Associate & Deputy Principals
Leadership Reflector™ for Early Childhood Senior Management

For a full view of the features and benefits please download the Principal or DPAP Introduction Booklets. You will find these options in the Leadership Reflector Menu.

For Early Childhood enquiries please contact Andrew Ormsby.