Tom Wallis, Principal, St Patrick’s School, Christchurch

The new ERO Evaluation Indicators fit well with the work we are doing with Interlead. ERO’s evaluation, inquiry and knowledge building for improvement and innovation are all key stones that we see Interlead providing and this is helping our staff grow their pedagogy and professional inquiry.… Read the rest

Tom Wallis, Principal, St Patrick’s School, Christchurch

The Interlead Connector Student Voice Surveys are a powerful tool for the teacher. The data and feedback for staff is excellent and helps them to identify trends in their practice that may otherwise go unnoticed. It is also empowering for the students and with guidance they understand how important their voice is for the good of the whole classroom environment.… Read the rest

Robyn Woollett, Blockhouse Bay Baptist Kindergarten, Auckland

Our kindergarten has been using InterLEAD Connector for three years and we have found it to be an excellent tool for creating a culture within our teaching team where we are continually improving our teaching practice. A recent ERO report commented on the journal aspect of the programme and how  valuable this was in  encouraging  teachers to individually review their… Read the rest

Phil Palfrey, Principal Manurewa East School, Auckland

InterLEAD Connector is an intelligent system. What I particularly appreciate is how it goes beyond being a storage system for teachers to challenging them. It’s easy to use, is visibly strengthening teaching as inquiry, is supporting teachers to develop greater insight into their teaching practice and they are making better choices and decisions.  We can see how in the not… Read the rest

CJ, Campus Corner Early Childhood Centre, Nelson

Karen, A big thank you to both you and Liz. I am thoroughly enjoying the aspiring leaders programme. Although I find it very challenging throughout the days at the Honest Lawyer I have walked out each day feeling very inspired and more confident within myself, especially day three. I guess you could say it was like walking out with the… Read the rest

Kathleen Daly, Principal, Our Lady of the Rosary School

The programme, designed specifically for our staff, enabled us to celebrate our diversity and develop this as a strength of our school. We all gained a greater appreciation of our own strengths and styles of operating and a greater respect for each other. An invaluable team building programme and a great way to strengthen the leadership skills of all staff.… Read the rest

Dy Stokes, Teacher, Waimairi School, Christchurch

Hi Tony, I haven’t forgotten a thing from those 2 days – I’ve been driving myself dotty and anyone who is within earshot of me. I can now see why I was feeling so disempowered 3 or 4 years ago and decided to leave education. I’m back now with a far better outlook on how learning could be. Thank you… Read the rest