Why is InterLEAD Connector™ a powerful development tool for teachers?

Lengthy longitudinal studies undertaken by Jim Knight and his team of researchers at the University of Kansas Educational Department reveal how teachers develop in sequence over time through four clearly defined steps…


InterLEAD Connector™ provides teachers with research-backed Vital Practices in each domain, which they are required to develop mastery in, over time, to become highly effective teachers. Regular self-reviewing by teachers allows them to identify possible goals and/or inquiries to focus on. Using InterLEAD Connector™ accelerates teachers’ transitioning through these 4 domains because developmental stepping-stones become explicit.

Honouring teachers’ developmental pathways is crucial to creating a psychologically safe environment. A developmental appraisal system should support teachers to identify where they believe they are in their development. A highly effective performance appraisal system helps teachers and coaches to identify exactly where each teacher’s greatest needs and strengths are. Being able to tailor opportunities for each staff member by generating relevant, personalised and rich information on each teacher’s practice will allow you to provide an appraisal system that not only promotes improved teaching practice but also promotes new practices and behaviours required of teachers to bring about the creation of a sustainable – authentic – learning organisation.