The Team

Our team have a strong background in organisational learning and leadership. We have considerable experience working in the education sector and are able to match best practice approaches to educational development.



Tony Burkin

Director – Leadership and Learning
B.SocSc Economics (Hons), Dip. Teaching, Grad.Dip.Business Human Resource Management

Without meaning to Tony has over the last decade developed specialist expertise in growing school leadership in ways expediting the development of schools as Professional Learning Communities.

Transitioning from Teacher to Head of Department, Dean and Deputy Principal over 14 years in a range of schools, Tony learned first hand how remaining effective and positive in positions of leadership progressively became more difficult and frustrating. Completing Post Graduate studies in Human Resource Management to get to the bottom of these dilemmas it came as a shock to learn that he was a big part of the problem! Specifically his thinking.

After working with HR professionals from outside education Tony came to appreciate how schools are no different from other organisations. The challenges of getting the best out of other adults, leading change, developing organisational culture and transforming schools into Learning Organisations (Professional Learning Communities), are he believes, Human Resource issues more than educational ones. “The core business is very different but human psychology remains the same – people are people – we all share the same flaws”, he says.

Tony has presented at conferences and works in schools and educational organisations in New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East. He enjoys particularly in-school development programmes because they provide enormous scope for real cultural change to evolve and allow leaders to develop the influence they have always desired.

Listen here for a podcast of Tony speaking about Leadership and Professionalism.


John McLellan

Director – Professional Development
B.Ed. (Hons), M.Ed, Dip. Health, P.E. and Recreation, Dip. Business Administration

John has had extensive working experience in the education sector, as a school principal, lecturer in education and inspector of schools. For 14 years he worked in Teacher Education as lecturer and senior lecturer at Palmerston North College of Education. He lectured in the Professional Studies Department for 4 years, specialising in the psychology of learning and teaching, assessment and evaluation, and school administration. Managing the teacher development contracts and strategic planning during his last 6 years for the College has given him an excellent background for project and performance management.

In 1994 John spent a year in England at Wolverhampton University lecturing in Education and Human Resource Management. Whilst there he investigated quality management approaches used by service organisations; with a number of primary and secondary schools moving into ISO 9000 accreditation John was able to track their progress. John is Director of InterLEAD Consultants and head of professional development.



Karen Hayward

Education Consultant
M.Ed., Dip. Educational Management, Dip. Teaching (ECE)

Karen has significant skills in the early childhood education sector – both as a teacher and consultant. With 20 years of experience working alongside teachers and governance personnel across a wide range of early childhood service she has developed a broad knowledge base in relation to effective leadership and management skills.

Karen is passionate about inspiring leaders to strive for excellence. She enjoys being in a mentoring role with teachers supporting them to embrace the challenges within the changing education landscape and is a positive communicator who establishes relationships with others easily.

Karen currently facilitates leadership and personal development programmes for early childhood teachers, leaders and managers throughout New Zealand.



Judith Price

Education Consultant
B.Ed., Dip. Teaching (Primary), Dip. Teaching (ECE)

Judith brings to InterLEAD a wealth of leadership experience in the education field, both from an Early Childhood and Primary School perspective.

Judith is very much a ‘hands on’ person and a strong advocate for firstly understanding theoretical components and then being able to apply these strategies in a practical sense within the learning environment. With over 15 years experience in leading teams of teachers, Judith has highly developed relationship management skills and relates easily with others. She is committed to developing others’ to their full potential and very passionate about guiding teachers on their ‘lifelong learning’ quest.

Judith has particular strengths in leading others through the process of change, such as the new curriculum. She has had experience working in ESHAS projects, team building and in developing school visions, values and growing the key competencies. Judith is based in Wellington.



Liz Depree

Education Consultant
M.Ed., Dip. Educational Management, Dip. Teaching (ECE)

Liz has had extensive practical experience in early childhood. She has a strong
interest in adult education including coaching, mentoring and facilitating leadership development programmes.

Liz has particular strengths in supporting teachers and leaders through change. Her people skills enable her to encourage others to realise their own growth potential as well as build strengths in curriculum and team leadership.

Liz currently facilitates leadership and personal development programmes for early childhood teachers, leaders and managers throughout New Zealand.



Ailsa Evans

Education Consultant
B.Teaching (Early Childhood)

Ailsa is dedicated and passionate about developing others professionally and promoting excellence in early childhood care and education. With over 23 years in the early childhood sector she has extensive experience in teaching, leadership and management positions.

Her genuine interests and strengths are Curriculum and Environment Design, Leading Effective Operational Systems, Highly Effective Internal Evaluation, Building Leadership Capability and Empowering Teachers through Robust Mentoring. Ailsa is focused on establishing relationships and enjoys meeting a variety of teachers and leaders within the early childhood sector. She believes in listening to the needs of teachers and leaders and then developing personalised professional learning to enable learners to reach their highest potential.

Ailsa works across Auckland and within the Bay of Plenty region where her network continues to grow.


Miriam McKenzie

Education Consultant
B.Ed, Dip. Teaching

Miriam has over twenty years’ experience in the education and training sector. She has trained executives from CEO roles, HR teams, communications managers, bank managers, educators and fashion designers. 

Her book ‘Say It Clearly’ was published in 2012 by Essential Resources, a resource for educators to use for children to learn correct articulation and voice development.

From teaching new entrants, to museum education including English as a second language and children with special needs, acting in governance roles in the early childhood sector as well as previously owning a home based early childhood service in Invercargill, Miriam brings extensive world-wide experiences to her role.



Angela O’Connor

Education Consultant
M.Ed., Dip. Early Intervention, Dip.Kgtn.

Angela has vast experience in the early childhood sector, as a teacher, Senior Teacher in Kindergarten, Tutor, as well as working as Centre Manager at a Timaru Centre for the past seven years. She has strengths in Governance and Management, Operational Systems, Self-review, Curriculum and Reflective Practice. Angela will be working out of Timaru.



Steve Heard

Education Consultant
B.Comm., Dip. Teaching

Steve is an enthusiastic and engaging facilitator who loves unlocking learning to bring out the best in peoples’ leadership ability.

With twenty years of experience in high schools in a range of middle management roles, he has brought his passion for learning to a variety of different companies and schools. In the past three years Steve has trained leaders from the supervisory level up to senior managers from companies and organisations such as Sky TV, Kiwirail, Carter Holt Harvey, Veolia, Transpower and Te Whakaruruhau Maori Women’s Refuge.

Steve understands what it takes to deliver successful learning experiences to a wide range of people – and if you ask Steve what makes him tick, it would be a real desire to empower others to grow into being bigger and better people.

On an individual basis, and in both small and large group situations, Steve knows how to develop trusting relationships which are necessary before effective learning takes place. Steve is a great communicator – he loves to inspire his learners and will enable them to take powerful concepts and relate them to their everyday roles.



Natalie Donald

Education Consultant
Grad Dip. Teaching (ECE)

Natalie is passionate about assisting Early Childhood organisations in reaching new heights by striving for excellence in all areas of this education sector. She has experience in both management and teaching positions and is excited about utilising this knowledge in her consulting work and Masters study she’s currently undertaking.

Her areas of interest are focused on Leadership Support and Development, Creating Alignment across Centre Systems, and Teacher Mentoring. Most importantly, she seeks to support you and your team by tailoring professional learning to your individual needs. Natalie is based in Auckland and also works in Northland and Waikato regions.



Dr Phil Ramsey

Associate Partner – Research and Learning

Dr Phil Ramsey is one of Australasia’s foremost thinkers in Culture, Systems Thinking, Leadership and Organisational Learning. Phil has spoken at conferences throughout Australia, New Zealand, the US and Asia. He has been Senior Lecturer for the last 12 years at Massey University and his work has been endorsed by Peter Senge, author of the seminal book, The Fifth Discipline. Phil continues to lead systems thinking in this country.

Phil’s expertise lies around organisational culture. He has led many organisations through the process of effective culture change. One of his interests is the application of learning organisation principles to schools and educational institutions through conversation.

Participants in InterLEAD programmes consistently tell us our workshops live in their minds for a very long time – that they are some of the most worthwhile workshops they have ever attended.



Andrew Ormsby

Managing Director
B.Comm., VPM

Andrew has managed InterLEAD since its inception in 2001; he has used his considerable experience in both business ownership and management to expand InterLEAD’s services.

Andrew’s business skills have provided an ideal platform from which to grow InterLEAD and his ability to develop vision and strategy is a real strength for the Company. Andrew currently holds a number of other private company directorships.


Emma Parker


Emma joined the InterLEAD team in 2012 with a background in Training and Development Administration and Event Management. She spent 13 years living and working in the UK before returning home to New Zealand in 2002. Emma’s range of skills enable her to provide a wide variety of administration support to the InterLEAD Team.


Sarah Davidson

Course Administrator
B.A, Dip. Business Studies, PG Dip. Business Administration

Sarah joined the InterLEAD admin team to provide part-time support in programme and workshop management. She brings with her a wide range of skills and organisational expertise. Sarah works alongside Emma and Keryn.



Keryn McLellan


Keryn has been with InterLEAD for 11 years. With an extensive marketing and design background she keeps InterLEAD’s communications, resource materials and mediums current and professional. Organised and with an ‘eye for detail’ she enjoys supporting the team to ‘do what they do best’. Keryn works at the Fernside Office with Emma and Sarah.