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  • June 14, 2017
    9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Accelerating the Shift to Self-Directed Teacher Learning

Sophistication does not mean more difficult – it means high impact, evidence based and professional. And it’s something the Education Council is seeking. The Council are not seeking scrapbooks of meaningless, randomly complied artefacts by teachers who hope some of it will impress them. The Council is challenging us to be more sophisticated than this.

Fundamental differences exist between inquiry and sophisticated professional inquiry. Differences do not lie in templates teachers use, their frequency of written reflections or how often they gather evidence. It’s more profound than this.

If you are:

  • seeking an approach to professional inquiry supporting recent shifts in Education Council thinking;
  • seeking ways to motivate teachers to engage in professional inquiry;
  • requiring answers to teachers’ questions such as, “What’s good evidence?”, “How much should I be writing for a reflection?”, “How regularly should I be doing it?”, and “What’s the point of writing everything down when it’s already in my head?”;
  • desiring ways to support teachers identify high impact inquiries and gather the types of evidence the Education Council is seeking;
  • seeking a simple way to create an Inquiry Plan and tracking system for an inquiry;
  • wanting to ensure your teachers the avoid traps and pitfalls befuddling many teachers; and
  • you know professional inquiry has much to offer teachers and students but you sense your teachers and students aren’t experiencing the benefits…

… we can explain why and show you how to remedy the challenges you face. Solutions and ideas presented on the day are being used with success in schools across New Zealand today.

What are people saying about our work in this field?

Alastair Campbell – McLeans College (Auckland)
“Thanks for the great day on Friday. It challenged my thinking and I certainly experienced new learning.”

Lynley Cummack – Waimairi School (Christchurch)
“If your success criteria is to make people think – you win!!!! – in spades!!! And challenge and provoke, and reflect and confront and trigger and inspire!!! All of the above 🙂 Thanks, thanks, thanks.”

Kaye Brunton – Ngatitoa School (Wellington)
“I am so glad I lifted my head above the surface … it so got me thinking about other ways of being that I hadn’t had the time or thought to consider … Exciting times and I do not regret for a minute being out of the school before ERO strike next week!”


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