InterLEAD is known for its skill in analysis and action based research. Programmes are well researched, tested and tailored to your need. For those who require help in monitoring their achievements, we provide mentoring and support.

A specific feature of most of our programmes is our uniquely designed Multi Learning Approach to professional development. We developed this approach to overcome many of the traditional pitfalls of learning approaches in the interpersonal skills and behaviour change areas. It is this approach that gives us the confidence to guarantee our outcomes.

One of the consistent areas of feedback is that our services break a lot of the past moulds, in a beneficial way. Clients say that our services offer the best practices in personal and organisational development from outside the education environment, but in a manner which acknowledges the educational ethic and culture rather than attempting to abuse or ignore it.


Workshops and Programmes

Our workshops and programmes have been developed in New Zealand with extensive international research backing. It means we offer ‘leading edge’ development – based on ‘world best’ practices tailored specifically for New Zealand teachers in New Zealand schools and early childhood centres or service. Participants in our workshops tell us the learning experiences and approaches we offer are the best professional development opportunities they have ever experienced. A variety of challenging topics from one day sessions, to four day programmes, and residential and host school programmes are offered across the year.

Click here for current programmes, location and dates.

Click here for current programmes, location and dates.


Leadership Services and Seminars

We would like to share with you ‘world best’ practices that create sustained, real, long term value for you and staff in your school or early childhood centre. Work it your way: senior management, staff, ‘cluster groups’… at your school or early childhood centre, our facility, or a chosen venue. Anyway you do it, we will work with you to address the specific issues unique to your organisation and its leadership.


Primary & Secondary School

InterLEAD can facilitate learning programmes such as one day courses, in-school leadership programmes. Areas of support and topics we offer include:

  • Leadership Performance Surveys (LPS’s) or Appreciative Inquiry interviews for those in a leadership role, as part of their appraisal process
  • Mentoring and coaching services 
  • Appraisal process reshaping to align it to the new Professional Standards for Teachers
  • Planned self-review so that ALL teachers can be part of the process
  • Facilitating the process for developing a strategic and annual plan for the school
  • Working with schools on re-culturing and transformation strategies 
  • As part of community consultation, conducting focus group interviews and community café conversations
  • Leading learning in Modern Learning Environments
  • Developing your Middle Managers


Early Childhood Centres & Services

Need an individual centre visit or help facilitating a teacher-only day?  Simply contact one of our team to find out more about how we can support you and your team.

What might this support look like?

  • NEW FEATURE! Documenting and linking key systems (Strategic Planning, Internal Evaluation and Appraisal/Professional Growth Cycle) using InterLEAD Connector™.
  • Participating in leadership residential programmes.
  • Engaging in individual coaching sessions.
  • Facilitating onsite mentoring visits to your centre/service.
  • Designing and delivering whole team professional learning and development hui.
  • Leading interactive ZOOM sessions.
  • Delivering advice and guidance via phone or email.


What areas of professional practice can we support you in to grow capability across your team?

Building & Sustaining High Trust Relationships

  • Developing a positive team culture.
  • Building effective communication skills across your team.
  • Giving and receiving feedback.
  • Engaging in professional conversations.
  • Working in partnership with parents and whānau.


Ensuring Culturally Responsive Practice

  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of culturally responsive practice based on Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  • Meaningfully incorporating te reo and tikanga into the everyday practice.
  • Delivering a strengths-based curriculum and pedagogy responsive to identity, language and culture.


Building & Sustaining Collective Leadership

  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of key documents that inform and guide effective leadership.
  • Building pedagogical leadership across all levels of the organisation.
  • Developing a culture of emergent leadership.


Strategically Thinking & Planning

  • Developing Strategic and Annual planning.
  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of key documents that inform and guide innovation and improvement.
  • Using InterLEAD Connector™ to link Strategic Planning to Internal Evaluation and Professional Growth Cycles.


Evaluating Practices in Relation to Outcomes

  • Developing a robust system of Internal Evaluation – process and documentation.
  • Designing and implementing individualised Professional Growth Cycle – process and documentation.
  • Designing, implementing and evaluating a localised curriculum that ensures all learners are progressing in terms of the valued outcomes in Te Whāriki.
  • Supporting the learning and social and emotional development of tamariki.
  • Using InterLEAD Connector™ to link Internal Evaluation to Strategic Planning and Professional Growth Cycles.


Adept Management of Resources to Achieve Vision & Goals

  • Developing effective time management strategies by documenting both process and evidence of Strategic Planning, Internal Evaluation and Professional Growth Cycles on InterLEAD Connector™.
  • Implementing annual planning.
  • Developing robust job descriptions for governance, management and kaiako.
  • Undertaking governance inductions.
  • Ensuring financial viability and sustainability.
  • Implementing effective Human Resource processes.
  • Developing operational Policies and Procedures.


Attending to their Own Learning as Leaders & their Own Wellbeing

  • Facilitating individual coaching and mentoring sessions.
  • Promoting social and emotional intelligence in adults.


Embodying the Organisation’s Values

  • Developing strategies for resilience in challenging times.
  • Understanding the responsibility of being a change agent and the process of change to drive innovation and improvement.


Contributing to the Development & Wellbeing of Education Beyond your Organisation

  • Identifying opportunities for participating and contributing as a member of a Kāhui Ako.
  • Brokering professional learning and development opportunities in collaboration with other centres.