Martin Elms, Principal, St. Patrick’s School, Paraparaumu

For many years I have been wanting to develop an appraisal system that moves from a compliance focused model whereteachers can feel ‘done to,’ to one that appreciates and builds on the professionalism of teachers as adult learners who want to be the best teachers they can be. A model that teachers are willing to own and use to their own benefit as well as meet the formal requirements for attestation and appraisal. InterLEAD Connector has the potential to achieve these goals. The Connector has provided our school with an efficient secure on line system to underpin our appraisal processes. The reflective questions for both appraiser and appraise challenge assumptions and knowledge we have about our teaching capabilities. It provides a catalyst for professional discussions. It provides opportunities to learn from each other. It enables us as a professional team to create a professional journal and reflect on our practice. It assists us to identify and grow ‘the things we are doing that add value to what we believe are important to delivering a quality education to our students’.

The InterLEAD Connector delivers ‘evidence’ in a form on which professional conversations can be built, linked clearly to the NZ Teachers” Council registered teacher criteria and curriculum key competencies.

InterLEAD Connector will not in itself ensure a robust appraisal system, reflective practice or effective professional conversations around development of teacher capability but it can provide the catalyst, evidence, and systems to give these things the best possible chance of occurring in our school.

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