Learning communities

Systematically transforming schools and early learning centres into Professional Learning Communities.


Where Schools and Centres are going wrong – and why they are becoming Professional Development Communities.

Times are changing and like any time of transition mindsets developed in an earlier era can leave you vulnerable when a new era calls for a new way of thinking.

Up until now, the education scene has been characterised by a ‘childish’ mindset regarding Professional Development for staff. Perhaps it has affected your school or centre. Institutions like the Ministry of Education and Education Review Office have encouraged the view that Professional Development was something you had to do or you’d ‘get in trouble’ with them. And like ‘free dental care for children’, compliance was made easier by government programmes that shifted the burden of Professional Development costs off schools and centres and on to taxpayers.

Subsequently, schools and early childhood centres have over the last three decades increasingly morphed into Professional Development Communities.

 Specialised programmes to strengthen Professional Learning Communities


What are Professional Development Communities?

New Thinking for a New Era 

Getting Professional Development and Professional Learning in the Right Sequence

Specialised Programmes to strengthen Professional Learning Communities



Each of the following programmes has been designed to strengthen your organisation as a Professional Learning Community but each has a different focus because we realise you may wish to start at a different point. Each focuses on developing different knowledge, skills and abilities from the list above.

Using 4 Minute Walk Throughs to Enhance Student Achievement

Shifting the Burden for Professional Learning to Teachers

Enhancing Student Achievement by De-Privatising Practice and De-Privatising Classrooms