Matt Simeon, Principal, Pillans Point School, Tauranga

And when a strategic approach is used to implement InterLEAD Connector™ with adult learning systems like ‘4 Minute Walk Throughs’ this can happen…

Hi Tony,

Just thought I would write to share the success we are having with the Connector – both the professional practice journal side and undertaking 4 Minute Walk Throughs.

After your last couple of workshops I openly offered to staff this term, that if they would like to find out more about self appraising and leading their appraisal to come to a meeting to find out more. I had 12/15 of my teaching staff attend. The 3 that did not are not returning to school next year.

After sharing the process and the personal data that they would receive on their own practice all staff have chosen to lead their appraisals and lead their own appraisal conversations following an invited visit by myself and Theresa.

For me, this is a huge shift in approach to appraisal and the professionalism in our profession. I must acknowledge the work you have contributed alongside our school to the success of our staff being in this position in the space of time that they are.

We had ERO at school last week and they spent a considerable amount of time focusing on ‘appraisal’. They were blown away with the teaching as inquiry and self-reflection approach that our staff have and the way it’s been woven into the appraisal system. A real credit to ERO was they offered for staff to visit classes along side them as an evaluator. The ERO reviewers were blown away that each time staff came out of a room their instant reflection was their own practice and how they could be working on x,y and z in their own practice. At no stage did staff think about the teacher that was teaching, it was all about them selves.

Exciting times and movements in our school, thanks to an approach and system that promotes professionalism and adults working and learning alongside as adults.

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