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  • October 31, 2016
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm

FREE Seminar – suitable for Principals & School Leaders

Monday 31st October – Morning Seminar 
Tea & Coffee Provided (you are welcome to bring your lunch/snack)

You are invited to attend a free seminar to hear how appraisal can become the driver of Teaching as Inquiry.


Connecting Appraisal with Professional Learning, Reflection and Teacher Growth™

Appraisal Connector™ goes beyond being a storage facility to save evidence for Teacher Certification. It’s a tried and tested, robust teacher development system  fuelling performance, providing performance snapshots and focusing teachers on continual improvement. Appraisal Connector™ works and is user friendly because New Zealand teachers have designed it for New Zealand teachers.

Appraisal Connector™ nurtures habits, practices and behaviours underpinning learning and improvement. Over 400 Schools and Centres are using Appraisal Connector™ with more that 7,300 teachers tapping into it’s unique design.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Is our current appraisal system fueling performance?

Evaluating performance and developing performance are not the same things. Developing talent, not evaluating it, has become the 21st century organisational imperative. For example, there’s a considerable difference between a pool of potential teachers to employ and a pool of talented potential teachers to employ. There are significantly fewer teachers in the latter category and because everyone is competing for them, you’re not guaranteed to get the talent you want. Appraisal Connector™ accelerates teacher development significantly (and you can use it to evaluate teacher performance too if you wish).

Does developing teachers as highly effective self-directed learners interest me?

Becoming masterful at self-assessment is the key to becoming a highly effective self-directed learner. Teachers must be actively self-assessing their practice – not relying on someone else. They must be making judgments about their practice and setting meaningful goals based on those informed and insightful judgments. Appraisal Connector™ has built into it, multiple platforms to expedite teachers’ ability to become highly effective at self-assessing teaching practice and framing up the right goals for them.

Do I want our teachers to go deep?

Rigorous doesn’t mean onerous. Whilst becoming meta-cognitively introspective isn’t easy, Appraisal Connector™ simplifies deep work for teachers. Just three examples include:

  • If short on ideas, Appraisal Connector™ provides 120 research-backed potential goals and or inquiries to dig into.
  • Teachers move from setting goals to setting challenging goals – and monitoring themselves against progress.
  • Teachers access Goal/Inquiry Planning templates; templates to structure deep reflective journaling; and a place to create Goal/Inquiry Evaluations. These have been designed to ensure teachers create professional journals – not recounts or diaries.

Do I want our teachers to lead their own Open to Learning Conversations on their teaching practice?

Using Appraisal Connector™ teachers undertake focused deep work (or the homework) – the preparation needed to confidently lead analytical, challenging and critical conversations on their teaching practice. The reality is that Open to Learning Conversations on teaching practice do not successfully occur without teachers having developed prior critical awareness and insight.

Does our Appraisal System meet all statutory requirements?

We ensure Appraisal Connector™ is constantly updated and aligned to provide you with peace of mind.

If any of these angles interest you, you seek more information and have questions, or you are just curious, we look forward to meeting you.

To register for this free seminar, enrol below, or e-mail with the names of those attending. If you would like to know more please contact one of our consultants – Tony, John or Judith. Or call Andrew Ormsby on 021 222 1700.

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